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Monday, February 20, 2017

Farewell to Mexico (Part 1)

Our time in Mexico is coming to a close so it's best that I take some time to reflect on what a wonderful two years it has been. Sorry to gloat and gush again.

Adjudicating over twenty thousand visas has sapped all abilities to churn out witty prose so I'm going to rely on some of my favorite photos. One of the things on my to-do list to make an album to preserve some memories. I'll add more context in the next part to this blog.

I'm going to begin with the food since eating in such a culinary capital was a highlight of the tour.

Mexico City was a sight in itself with towering buildings set aside iconic monuments and public plazas that boggled the mind.


Along with history and haute culture, came Mexico's popular past time known as "Lucha Libre." Words really can't describe the spectacle as it's really something left best to experience.

Pre-Colombian history also added to the mystique of Mexico. One of the world's largest pyramids sits right outside the city and other ruins are scattered across the country.

Next comes the beaches--which everyone knows about--but only when you live in Mexico do you get to sample a variety and decide which you like best: all-inclusive hedonism, secluded getaway, colonial charm, and underwater odyssey.


The public markets in Mexico are a feast for the eyes.

Our favorite holiday was Dia de los Muertos, during which time the whole country is awash with color and festivities.

The was no shortage of churches and other architectural wonders upon which to gaze and gawk.

One of the most memorable trips was to visit the winter home of millions of monarch butterflies.

This was just a sampling of the experiences we had in Mexico. There are so many pictures to post so I'll leave it here for now as we bid a fond farewell to our home for the past two years.

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  1. We sure miss you guys here in Mexico, though we are about to leave too. Love the photos, especially scuba diving ones. Looks like you have traveled to just about most parts of Mexico. Enjoy your next tour!